Femur & Tibia Locking Cable Plate

Femur & Tibia Locking Cable Plate

  • This plate is designed to be used for treatment of multi-fractures that happen at diaphyseal area of femur and tibia bones. This kind of plates are especially needed for the femur bone when a fracture happens while a hip prosthesis is already being applied to the patient. The highest level of compression is provided by this plate through the plate itself and the cable system. Thanks to its new design, the clamps are being used instead of cable crimp, that makes the cable more fastened to the bone and the plate.


  • Titanium Ti6AL4V Eli alloy
  • Thickness – 6,0mm
  • Diaphyseal Widht – 19,0mm


  • Ø5,0mm Cortical Screw

Screw Features; 

  • Locking and Non-Locking
  • Self Tapping
  • Self Drilling
  • Cannulated and Non-Cannulated