4,5mm Headless Compression Screw

  • With 10 different lentgh options up to 60mm, and 4.7mm proximal area thickness, the screw is designed for talus fractures, distal radius fractures, malleolar fractures, Jones fractures, greater tuberosity fractures, radial styloid fractures, capitellum fractures, tarsal fractures, scaphoid fractures and nonunions, OCD repair and osteotomies, midfoot fusions  and MCP fusions.
  •  As an important feature, cannulated design, provides the surgeons an easy application over a 1.2 mm guidewire.


  • Titanium Ti6AL4V Eli alloy or medical Stainless Steel
  • Proximal Width – 4,7mm
  • Distal Widht – 4,5mm
  • Kirshner Wire – 1,2mm