Distal Lateral Fibula Plate

Distal Lateral Fibula Plate

  • This plate is made to be used for treatment of fractures that happen at the distal fibula. It should be applied exactly  to the lateral fibula area, this plate also has left and right models.


  • Titanium Ti6AL4V Eli alloy or medical Stainless Steel
  • Thickness – 2,50mm
  • Diaphyseal Widht – 10,0mm
  • Metaphyseal Widht – 18,0mm


  • Ø2,7mm Cortical Screw
  • Ø3,5mm Cortical Screw
  • Ø4,0mm Cancellous Screw

Screw Features; 

  • Locking and Non-Locking
  • Self Tapping
  • Self Drilling
  • Cannulated and Non-Cannulated