ALIF Cage (Stand-Alone Hybrid)

ALIF Cage  (Stand-Alone Hybrid)

  • Crea ALIF Stand Alone Hybrid cage is a stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody device designed to combine the functionality and benefits of a lumbar interbody spacer and an interior lumbar plate.
  • The wide graft chamber, optimises the contact between graft and the vertebral endplates enhancing the quality of the fusion.
  •  42º screw angle resist expulsion and the midline screw placement with ±10º angulation aids optimal access and solid fixation.


  • Footprint 26x30mm, 28×34 mm, 30×36 mm
  • Height 10, 12, 14, 16 mm
  • Angles 7 and 14 Degree
  • Material: PEEK and TITANIUM