Acetabular Cup

Acetabular Cup

In case of necessity, Acetabular cup is used cementless and with acetabular screws after the bone and cartilage is removed from acetabulum. The acetabular cup is made of Ti6A/4V Eli (ISO 5832-3 / ASTM F136) alloy.

The outer surface of the acetabular cup is coated with plasma spray + HA.

The inner surface of the acetabular cup is compatible with the acetabular liner.

Acetabular Liner

Nova Acetabular Liner is used in compliance with the acetabular cup. The acetabular liner is produced of UHMWPE (ISO 5834-2 I ASTM F648).

The exterior surface of the acetabular liner holds a locking mechanism to be fixed with the acetabular cup.

Acetabular liner’s interior form fits Femoral Head flawlessly.

There are 0° – 10° – 20° degree options for different angular limitations.

Femoral Bipolar Head

Bipolar heads consist of shell, insert and segment assembly.

The inner sphere of the bipolar head is fully compliant for femoral heads (e28 mm.) and the outer sphere presents alternatives starting from e 38 mm till e 58 mm.

Bipolar Head shells are produced of cast CoCrMo al/oy (ISO 5832-4 /  ASTM F75).

Bipolar Heads inserts and segments are produced of UHMWPE (ISO 5834-2 IASTM F648).