MP Modular

MP Modular

NOVA – MP Modular Cementless Hip Proshesis System is a modular implant system which has been developed to various indications for revision hip surgery and primary hip surgery. The system supports the medical professionals with proximal and distal component variations to treat the pressure accumulated over soft tissues and equalize the lower extremity lengths.

System is composed 3 main parts: proximal body, femoral stem and locking screw.

Proximal body has four different sizes (Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large). Proximal body is fixed on the stem with press-fit and locking screw. The stem has built in holes for the soft tissues to be fixed.

Femoral stem has 135° neck angle and has 12/14 cone in proximal part for femoral heads.


  • Proximal body is made of Ti6Al4V ELI alloy (ISO 5832-3 / ASTM F136).
  • The stems are produced of Ti6Al4V ELI alloy (ISO 5832-3 / ASTM F136).
  • Proximal part of stem is Plasma + HA coated.
  • Stems have a 11 different diameter options ranging from Ø12 mm to Ø22 mm and 3 different lengths 100 mm – 150 mm – 200 mm
  • Different length locking screws are available for different proximal sections. Locking screws are produced of Ti6Al4V ELI alloy (ISO 5832-3/ASTM F136). Body cone is compliant with the femoral head with 12/24 form.
  • Stems include a compression stress rift to provide distal compression, reduce bone stress and eliminate bone fractures.
  • The coating on stems provide a better and faster adhesion with spongious surface and prevents loosening.