KP Monoblock

KP Monoblock

NOVA – KP Monoblock Cementless Femoral Stem provides the form of conical and rectangular geometric section which is the most widespread form throughout the world over 40 years.

NOVA – KP Monoblock Cementless Femoral Stem provides the surgeon a wide spectrum of solutions depending on a robust and user friendly tool set either for trauma or revision operations.

The systems supports the medical professionals with a variety of surface finish options, simple operation technique and wide product range to provide the utmost patient satisfaction.

Additionally rectangular section structure provides exceptional rotation stability where scraping technique offers minimum effect on endosteal blood support which preserves the maximum bone volume.

Conical and birectangular section geometry of femoral stem body provides primary and secondary stabilization.

Due to the tapered neck in proximal section maximum range of motion can be achieved.

Femoral stem has the neck angle of 131 degrees and is compliant to femoral stem cone with 12/24 form.


  • NOVA – KP Monoblock Cementless Femoral Stem has different surface features as sand blasted and plasma spray + HA coated (dual coated).
  • Femoral Stem is made of Ti6Al4V ELI alloy (ISO 5832-3 / ASTM F 136)